Thursday, December 11, 2008

We Create Our Own Reality

Have you ever wanted to achieve something and felt that it was impossible? Just the other day, my singing teacher said to me that I would never be a professional singer and that I was born unable to hear notes. Well, funny enough, I have had singing lessons before in which I managed to sing scales and songs in perfect pitch. So when this singing teacher told me i would never be able to sing on my own in tune, I didn't believe her. Rather I realised that she was unable to teach me. And i remembered one of our Essence Of Life values - we have the power to create our own reality. Our website, http:// is full of articles about people realising their dreams:
and overcoming difficulties, even life threatening diseases, to live life fully
Life is about the attitude that we have, and if really believe and focus on what we want to be, there is nothing that can hinder us. You could say "But what about the blind man or woman who can never see? " But even with the limit of not having physical sight, a blind person can achieve just as much as a sighted person. Take a look at our article A New Angle On Seeing which shows the fantastic photography of a group of blind people:
So as we approach a New Year and make New Year wishes and resolutions, just remember that which your heart desires is within reach. And if like me you are wishing for world peace and unity, then, no matter how the world is behaving, make that your reality!

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