Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Peace Begins Within Me

When we will achieve peace with ourselves individually and with our surroundings - then together we will reach world peace.

It is our belief at Essence Of Life,, that in order to achieve world peace each and every one of us, needs to truly feel peace within ourselves. If i can love myself unconditionally then there is more chance that i can love my neighbour and if i love my neighbour, with all his or her faults, then there is more chance that i can love my community, in spite of all the different characters and types of people in my community.

It's no good just talking about peace and fantasizing about a world where different races, religions and types have respect and kind thoughts for each other, what is needed, is that I feel and show genuine respect and peace towards those who are different from me and who have different values, beliefs and ways of being.

Here are the words that Essence Of Life founder, Shari Arison, spoke at the opening of the Rabin Centre in Tel Aviv, Israel about this idea that peace begins within:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This Too Will Pass

It appears that we are in the midst of an economic crisis with recession affecting us all over the world. Even though we can not control external circumstances, we can control our reaction to them. By adopting the right kind of attitude and maintaining peace within ourselves, we are more likely to actually improve the situations around us.

At our website Essence Of Life,, we aim to explore how to deal with difficult situations whether you are suffering from illness, loss, confusion, emotional or material worries.
Our international writers are focused on finding hope and ways to maintain inner calm during life's storms.

Israeli writer Gil Tetro offers his method of transforming financial debt to credit

and author Amoda Maa Jeevan writes about finding peace when you are experiencing changes that challenge you

Happy reading! and if you feel like sharing with us how you cope with troubles then visit our forum at

Keep looking up! Bright blessings from Nicola

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Welcome To Essence Of Life

Hello, my name is Nicola (a.k.a Nicky) and I am the creator of the English website Essence Of Life, which is part of The Arison Group, a non-profit organisation for public benefit, established by Shari Arison.

Peace Begins Within Me - this is our motto. At Essence Of Life we believe that when we will achieve peace with ourselves individually and with our surroundings then together we will achieve world peace.

On our site we have articles written by spiritualists, healers and writers from all over the world, videos, audio meditations, inspiring world news and a link to Essence Of Life online radio station, playing inspirational world music.

Our website is dealing with subjects that include self development and day to day issues, from the point of view of awareness.

Through different faiths (like Buddhism, Judaism, Sufism, Hinduism etc,) relationships, the environment, science, the body, mind and spirit, we explore our heart values.

And at this blog, I will be sharing our heart values.
I begin today with our belief that Our Essence Is Love

And here's a link to an article by Amoda Maa Jeevan, about how our essence is love;

And if you prefer to watch rather than read, here's a link to our movie page where you can hear Shari Arison, Deepak Chopra, Bryon Katie and many other inspiring spiritual leaders talking about life and how they live it.