Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays!

As our wonderful forum manager Ela Forest reminds us in our EOL forum, there are many holidays going on in December - like Hanukah, Christmas, Diwali, Kwaanza and Eid Al-Adha. Personally I like to celebrate them all - eating doughnuts at Hanuka, having an eco Christmas tree in my home, giving sweets to friends like in Diwali and wishing all my Arabic friends happy holidays too.
The way I see it is that we teach each other and learn from each other simultaneously - in fact everyone and everything is my teacher
Even when something seemingly bad happens in my life - a relationship ending, a loved thing becomes lost, sickness, disappointment, a world tragedy (oh the list is endless!) I have learnt from my time at Essence Of Life to accept 'what is' and to see 'what is' as a lesson in my evolution. http://
And because I believe in love and that everything is for my greater good, though my teachers sometimes seem unfair and cruel, I know that the lessons that come my way are sent to make me a better person. To encourage me to be more gentle and kind, to release toxic emotions like anger, guilt and envy, and to know patience, trust and optimism. http://
And with a New Year just around the corner, let us pray that 2009 will be a year in which humanity will see that the only way to improve our lives is to put all our focus on loving and caring for each other, no matter what holiday we do or don't celebrate, no matter what we do or don't know, no matter what we belive or don't believe...we are all one world!
Happy New Year!

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