Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We Are All One

At our site Essence Of Life,, we believe in unity. That all of us are separate individuals and we have our own unique identity and role on this planet, but we are all part of a greater whole.
Through unity we can bring about the healing that our world needs. To reflect this belief in unity, our articles span so many different cultures, religions, voices and generations. For example we have Zen and Jewish stories, Hindi myths, Sufi fables, writers who are young, old, male, female, single, married...and from every continent!
Recently we went with Buddhist monk Geshela to Jerusalem for the day and we made a movie in which he speaks about Buddhist ideas like serving others and finding peace through love for all humanity
We also have some great written articles from Rabbi Ohad Ezrahi who was recently in a Rainbow Gathering in Turkey getting to know his Iranian brothers and sisters
And here's a link to one of my favourite Hindi stories about Shiva and Parvati, and a link to a Sufi fable about a woman searching for a needle. The idea being that we need to go within ourselves in order to find ourselves.
No matter somebody's belief system, we are all human beings, striving for the same goals of happiness and well being. And right now whether the sun is shining or you are facing wind and rain, whether you are preparing for Christmas, Hanukah or Eid Al Haba, we can all find the peace within that will bring us closer to peace in the world.

Onwards and Upwards as they say at New World Library (who also have many articles on our site...)

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