Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Peace Begins Within Me

When we will achieve peace with ourselves individually and with our surroundings - then together we will reach world peace.

It is our belief at Essence Of Life,, that in order to achieve world peace each and every one of us, needs to truly feel peace within ourselves. If i can love myself unconditionally then there is more chance that i can love my neighbour and if i love my neighbour, with all his or her faults, then there is more chance that i can love my community, in spite of all the different characters and types of people in my community.

It's no good just talking about peace and fantasizing about a world where different races, religions and types have respect and kind thoughts for each other, what is needed, is that I feel and show genuine respect and peace towards those who are different from me and who have different values, beliefs and ways of being.

Here are the words that Essence Of Life founder, Shari Arison, spoke at the opening of the Rabin Centre in Tel Aviv, Israel about this idea that peace begins within:

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